Unreturned Galaxy Note 7s Can Be Charged to 80% with This Trick

Just a little over a week ago, we told you about Samsung beginning to roll out a software update to the Galaxy Note 7 which would cap the battery power allowed back into the phone at 60%. This update has only been rolling out to units of the 2016 flagship which remain a safety hazard as they’re known for overheating and potentially erupting into flames. However, it’s now been discovered by a tipster to SamMobile that in order to allow a bigger charge back into your phone, you essentially flip a switch from within the settings.


As you can see, by visiting the Advanced Settings area of the Note 7, you can tap a little switch to turn off the “Limit maximum charge to 60%” option. This will allow 80% of the 3500mAh battery inside the latest Galaxy flagship to be charged rather just 60%. Of course, we at MBEDDED don’t recommend making this change and still think you should trade in your Note 7 for a safer model, but if you’re looking to make your battery last longer on your phone, just make this tweak. (By the way, you can also turn on Power saving mode on the Note 7 to make your battery last longer, but that’s up to you.)

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