Apple Increased the Size of Their Battery Case for the iPhone 7

Remember back in December 2015 Apple launched a battery case for the iPhone 6s? You may recall the accessory if you remember a really weird, ugly case Apple made for the iPhone that gave you extra power. Well, nevertheless, the company’s back at it again with a revamped version for the iPhone 7, and this time around Apple included an even bigger battery. in fact, when compared to the previous version for the 6s, the new battery case for the iPhone 7 is 26% bigger.

Twitter user Nick Guy pointed this out in a tweet where he states that the iPhone 7 battery case has a built-in 2365mAh cell, compared to the 1877mAh cell in the 6s’ battery case.



With the 1960mAh battery found in the iPhone 7, you’ll have enough juice within the new battery pack to charge your phone once from 0-100% and then some. Apple says 22 hours of internet use over LTE or 26 hours of talk time is possible with the battery case strapped to your 7, so this should no doubt be enough power to get you through the day.

Interestingly, Apple still hasn’t made a battery case for the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s unclear why this is so, however it may be due to the device having a built-in 2900mAh battery that’ll no doubt get you through the day on a full charge. Nevertheless, it still would be nice to extend the life of this smartphone by maybe at least 2000mAh, but for now that wish will remain a thought until further notice.