Deal: Grab the DZ09D Smartwatch w/ Android Compatibility for Just $12.99

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As we all know by now, smartwatches can get pretty expensive. Looking at ones made by Samsung, and you’re bound to spend at least $200. On the LG side, $150 and up’s what you’re paying. Even a simple device like a Fitbit doesn’t cost under $75. And most of the time, we just wanna check our notifications, answer an incoming call, or just reply to a quick text right from our wrist. So really, you’d expect a decent smartwatch to be pretty low in price, right? Well, most manufacturers think differently, hence their above $100 price points.

However, this isn’t the case with all smartwatches. If you look at sites like, you’ll find a wide variety of smartwatches that actually can function as standalone smartphones. While I was browsing their site, I found one smartwatch I had to tell you guys about.

Meet the DZ09D. Yes, I’ll admit, the name isn’t the catchiest, but you’ll likely forgive that factor when you hear the price: $12.99. That’s right, people. You can actually get a smartwatch that literally works for $12.99. Pretty hard to believe, right?

So obviously, for $12.99 you may think the DZ09D would fall apart as soon as you put it on your wrist. On the contrary, this wearable is made of stainless steel which is paired with a rubber wristband for comfortability, style, and durability. It’s also said this watch is built well, so this thing should at least stay on your wrist and not just break while strapping on.

Spec wise, the DZ09D has a 1.56-inch TFT LCD display with a resolution of 240×240. This should give a decent picture since the screen size is so small. In addition, there’s a camera built-in to take pictures, a 380mAh battery, a MTK6261 chip, Bluetooth 3.0, a SIM card and microSD card slot, built-in microphones, a loud speaker for phone calls and music playback, a pedometer, and GSM compatibility. All in all, these specs are pretty decent for a $12.99 smartwatch, especially when you consider you won’t be doing any heavy tasks on it.

For the OS, there’s a custom-built one which supports syncing with Android, music playback, finding your phone over Bluetooth, tracking your steps, sleep monitoring, recording sound, setting alarms, checking your calendar, syncing your contacts, phone calls, and texts, and remote capture from your phone’s camera. Even though these are basic functions, what more could you ask from a smartwatch in this price range?

If you wanna grab the DZ09D smartwatch over on GearBest, you’ll have to pick a color. Luckily, there’s four shades to choose from: Silver, White, Golden, and Black. Oh yeah, and if you really wanna buy one, you’ve only got 5 days to do it, so you better hurry.

> Grab the DZ09D smartwatch for $12.99 over on

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