BlackBerry Hub Now Expanding to Devices Running Android Lollipop

Just over a month ago, BlackBerry began rolling out their suite of apps belonging to their highly favored Hub service to devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. However, only a small number of the applications that came with the Hub were available for testing. This included the Hub itself, Calendar, and Password Keeper. But now, the company behind the very popular productivity suite has expanded their service to include other apps that they’ve been working on like a custom Launcher, Device Search, Tasks, Notes, and Contacts. All of these apps are available free to download from the Play Store now.

We initially launched Hub+ as a free trial on Android Marshmallow, with only the Hub, Calendar, and Password Keeper available. Today, we are happy to announce the remainder of our productivity suite (Contacts, Tasks, Device Search, Notes, and Launcher) is now available to Android users for a free 30-day trial period and for just 99 cents a month.

During this trial period of testing just 3 Hub applications, BlackBerry made it clear that only Android devices running version 6.0 Marshmallow or later would be able to try them out. Dense screen resolutions were also needed to run the apps. However, the company has now also announced that devices running Android Lollipop or newer can take advantage of the Hub, while higher resolutions aren’t as dependent anymore either.

Even better, we’ve officially expanded Hub+ access to smartphones running Android 5.0 Lollipop and lower-resolution smartphones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow! To ensure no technical issues for users, our initial list of Hub+-capable smartphones was limited by screen resolution, but that’s changed. As of today, more than 3,000 smartphone versions can run Hub+, and that number keeps growing.

It’s worth noting that BlackBerry says your device must have at least 2GB of RAM to run the Hub and it’s services, but with the number of devices nowadays that do feature this amount of random access memory (fun fact: that’s what RAM stands for), a majority of users shouldn’t be left out in the cold.

It’s also worth noting that even though you do gain access to all of BlackBerry’s Hub+ services for 30 days as a free trial, you will be able to use the Launcher, Calendar app, and Password Keeper as a part of the standard free version of the Hub. There will be ads in each of these applications, however, so you may want to subscribe to Hub+ for $0.99 in order to get a more immersive experience.

If you want to download and try out the BlackBerry Hub, visit the Play Store.