Sign This Petition If You Believe the US National Anthem Should Change to ‘City Escape’ from Sonic

A new petition has begun floating around the World Wide Web which asks potential participants to sign it so the United States’ National Anthem can change from The Star-Spangled Banner to City Escape from Sonic.

No, seriously, it’s for real.

Gabe Carey has started this petition over on where he’s asking for 7,500 signatures. At the time of writing this, there’s almost 6,000 people who’ve signed it, so at this point less than 2,00 more are needed. The petition has already been sent to President Obama, but I doubt he’ll ever take it into consideration.

Then again, he may like the idea.

Okay, never mind, I doubt he’ll like the idea.

So why change the US Anthem from Francis Scott Key’s lyrics to a catchy tune found in Sonic Adventure 2 anyway? Well, here’s Carey’s explanation.

NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been under fire recently for refusing to stand during the performance of our country’s national anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Because of the injustices occurring in the United States of America, the 49ers player disagrees with the message being conveyed by Francis Scott Key’s lyrics.

The obvious solution would be to rid our nation of the injustices Kaepernick is protesting. However, that would take a lot of hard work and determination that we’ve clearly been incapable of to this point. So, instead, I suggest to President Barrack Obama that we change the national anthem to Ted Poley and Tony Harnell’s more upbeat and less controversial “Escape from the City” as featured in the smash-hit video game Sonic Adventure 2.

Tell us, America, would you rather be reminded of the constant violence and threats faced by the soldiers of 1812 to get to this still-divided point in U.S. history or be set free by the rush of danger lurking around every turn as you follow your rainbow at the speed of sound?

It’s your call, America. Follow me, set me free in my pursuit of changing the national anthem to this beloved classic tune.

Convinced? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

However, if you are convinced that this is a good idea and you pour your milk before your cereal in the morning, head over to and fill out the short forum and pray to God that we all start singing City Escape every Fourth of July.

Source: via The Next Web