Lenovo Unveils Yoga Tab 3 Plus, the Ultimate Entertainment Device

Today at IFA 2016, Lenovo unveiled to the world a new addition to their Yoga family. The device we’ll talk about is the Yoga Tab 3 Plus, and it looks pretty awesome…

The Yoga Tab 3 Plus is basically the best entertainment device that runs Android, at least according to the specs. First off, there’s a 10.1-inch display that features a whopping 2K resolution. This’ll definitely provide you with extremely crispy viewing experiences and will no doubt be met with much satisfaction from consumers. In addition, Technicolor Color Enhance technology is also on-board to deliver the best color correction depending on the type of content your watching.

Four different viewing “modes” come with the Yoga Tab 3 Plus thanks to the built-in kickstand which helps you view your content at a variety of angles. The modes, called stand, tilt, hold, and hang, basically do what their name says and allows you to watch movies, TV shows, videos, and more with ease at different viewing positions. This’ll also help when you got more than just yourself watching media, and with that 2K display, viewing angles should be pretty stellar.

To provide the best listening experience, Lenovo has built-in not one, not two, but four JBL speakers into the Yoga Tab 3 Plus. And guess what? They’re all front facing (praise the Lord)! Plus, you’ll be getting over 18 hours of battery life thanks to the massive 9,300mAh cell inside the Tab 3 Plus, at least according to Lenovo. And with the 24w fast charger, you’ll be able to recharge and start watching more content quickly – again, according to Lenovo.

All in all, the Yoga Tab 3 Plus will definitely provide buyers with an epic entertainment escape as that’s what it’s intended for. $299 will be all you’ll have to fork over for this tablet, while October will be when you can pick up the device.