iOS 9.3.5 Now Rolling Out with Critical Security Fix [Install Now to Keep Yourself Safe]

Apple today released the latest update for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches around the world: iOS 9.3.5. This update may come off pretty insignificant to some at first, but digging deeper into the new software will reveal to your eyes a startling security flaw that’s been patched up…

According to The New York Times, a company called the NSO Group has created a software that can penetrate iOS’s security walls and read texts, emails, contacts, and even track phone calls and what a user does on his or her device. This can ultimately lead to very insecure happenings in the future and leave you prone to becoming completely hacked. The software works like a ghost and doesn’t leave a trace of its presence behind, however it was never known how exactly the company was monitoring its targets and who they were after. But now, the group has been exposed and Apple has sealed the flaw off with a security patch they documented here.

Software dating back all the way to iOS 7 has apparently been exposed to this very same security hack. However, since the iPhone 4 stopped receiving updates at iOS 7.1.2, this device seems to be the most prone to becoming hacked. But if the device you have can run iOS 8 or later, you can take advantage of this security patch right away by heading to Settings > General > Software Update to download and install the updated software. We highly recommend updating to this software version as it’s critical you do so.


We also recommend reading NYT’s article about iOS 9.3.5 to properly educate yourself on what’s going on here. But if you don’t feel as though you should, the most important thing  you should know is that you really need to update your device. Otherwise, bad things could/will happen.

Source: Apple via The New York Times, 9to5Mac