Samsung’s 6GB RAM Galaxy Note 7 to Arrive in China As Early As Next Week

Samsung has begun sending out invites to the press for an event their holding on August 26th, 2016 in China. And we’re pretty much 100% positive it’s for the Galaxy Note 7…


Okay, that’s technically incorrect. Samsung’s already unveiled the Note 7, right? Right. But not this version.

As previously reported, the chief of mobile at Samsung DJ Koh has confirmed that a 6GB RAM variant of the Note 7 with 128GB storage would be coming, we just don’t know when. Now, thanks to the handy-dandy press invite (seen above) Samsung’s sending out, we’ve got a date: August 26th. However, this does come with a catch…

Samsung won’t be selling this model of the Note 7 in the US or any other country or territory other than China. This seems pretty unfortunate as I’d love to check out the Note 7 with 6GB of RAM, however I guess we’ll have to settle for 4GB which comes standard in the Note 7 lineup.

One other change Sammy’s making with this new variant of the Note 7 is the inclusion of a Snapdragon 820 processor where the Exynos 8890 would normally be used. This will obviously be a change for China and not so much for the US or anything, however it’s nice to see such a powerful chipset as the 820 make it into more devices like this upgraded Note 7.

Obviously, we’ll have full coverage on this event and bring you details on what Samsung announces on August 26th. Stay tuned!

Source: PlayfulDroid via Neowin