Report: Apple’s Next Watch Won’t Include Cellular Because Battery Life Would Be Terrible

Bloomberg is back at it again with another Apple rumor report, and this one concerns the Apple Watch 2. In the article, the publication states that Apple had begun development of including cellular data service inside the wearable which would make for a more independent experience when compared to the current one, however major “roadblocks” have stopped the company from doing so.

Apple Inc. has hit roadblocks in making major changes that would connect its Watch to cellular networks and make it less dependent on the iPhone, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

One reason why the Apple Watch 2 won’t include cellular connection support is due to battery life problems, something that’s the most significant of the problems the company had while testing the connection radio with certain, unknown carriers. in fact, even if Apple were to ship a cellular version of the Watch 2, they couldn’t begin delivering the product to customers until December at earliest. Plus, let’s face it, battery life would be pretty terrible with a cellular radio active as often as it will be to make the feature worth using. So all in all, this is a smart move by Apple who seems to finally be focusing on battery life, even if that battery life is part of the Apple Watch.

Rather directing their main attention to a more independent experience, Apple, according to Bloomberg, will instead focus on bringing a better fitness experience to wrists all around the world with the Apple Watch 2. This means installing a GPS alongside a variety of different and improved features that have yet to be heard. Nevertheless, expect the next Watch to include more fitness than features.

Do you agree with Apple not including a cellular radio for fear of poor battery life in the Watch 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Bloomberg via 9to5Mac, The Verge