McDonald’s Axes Kids Fitness Trackers Due to Reports of Skin Irritation

Just a couple of days ago, we reported that McDonald’s was beginning to include fitness trackers for kids inside Happy Meals starting in Canada. While the wearables only counted your steps, it seemed like a good idea at first and was a nice move by the fast food chain to get kids more active.

However, reports have begun flying in everywhere that children wearing the Step It Activity Bands have begun experiencing skin irritation and even burns in some cases. This is the reason that McD’s has decided to cancel the rollout of these bands and stop including them in Happy Meals.

Terri Hickey, a spokeswoman for McDonald’s, had this to say to the press about the recent cancellation.

We have taken this swift and voluntary step after receiving limited reports of potential skin irritations that may be associated with wearing the band.

We’ve requested an interview with the company to dig into what exactly is causing the skin irritation on kid’s wrists as that’s still unknown, however we haven’t heard back. When we obtain the information we requested, we’ll update this article.

McDonald’s inclusion of fitness trackers inside Happy Meals was seen as their latest move to make their appearance seem a bit healthier. As we previously reported, McD’s has removed artificial preservatives from their food alongside high fructose corn syrup and other ingredients, while in 2025 the chain plans to switch over to antibiotic-free chicken and cage-free eggs.

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Via: USA Today, CNET