Here’s the Creator of Deadpool’s Thoughts on Suicide Squad

As reported, Suicide Squad set some box office records when it smashed its way into theaters on August 5th, 2016. This result came despite lots of negative reviews from critics, move review websites, and even Rotten Tomatoes themselves. So obviously, fans like the film a lot more than people whose job is to rate the movie from a critic’s perspective. However, one fan that’s not an actual movie reviewer did see the film and decided to share his thoughts on the Squad via Twitter, and that fan is Robert Liefield.

Yes, his name isn’t as common as Stan Lee or Steve Ditko, but major fans of Marvel’s hit character Deadpool will probably recognize him. See, Liefield invented Deadpool, just like Stan Lee invented Spider-Man. He didn’t direct the Deadpool movie or something like that. He’s literally the soul creator of Deadpool. And he went to see Suicide Squad. And he didn’t really like. And you can read about his thoughts in the various tweets below.


















So as you can see, it seems like Liefield agrees with various other reviews and critics that Margot Robbie has the best performance out of everyone else in the film. And while he does like a few little sections of Suicide Squad, he was overall not a fan.

I still have yet to see the film, so I don’t know if I agree with Liefield. I’ll let you know my thoughts on Suicide Squad in a future article.

Source: Robert Liefield (Twitter) via BGR