All 2017 Windows 10 PCs Will Be HoloLens Compatible Thanks to a Holographic Shell

Today at Intel’s annual developer conference, an appearance by Microsoft’s Windows chief Terry Myerson was made due to the two companies partnering together in a special way. The reason for the popup? Myerson had a little announcement which give the HoloLens a pretty bright outlook for 2017…

The Windows head stated that as a part of all 2017 Windows 10 PCs, a holographic shell will be included within the OS which will allow those laptops, desktops, and more to support HoloLens and run 3D and 2D applications within the virtual and augmented reality headset. This shell is the same OS which actually runs on the HoloLens itself, however different components will be added to the one which will be loaded onto the PCs in question in order to operate properly. Intel will be providing key elements in order for all these computers to support Microsoft’s HoloLens which is the outcome of a special partnership between the two organizations.

At the moment, a pretty limited number of PCs are actually capable of operating the HoloLens, so with Microsoft saying all PCs released in 2017 will support the platform is pretty ambitious. We’ll keep you updated on any developments that occur within this topic and report back if any new information is obtained.

Via: The Verge