You Can Now Use Facebook Messenger to Write Letters to The White House

Pretty much everyday, The White House is modernizing themselves by upgrading old methods of operation with new pieces of tech. This may not be entirely accurate, but this new announcement from 1600 Penn is certainly no exception…


Every day, President Obama reads 10 letters that were sent to him by the American people. Now, our goal is to bring the…

Posted by The White House on Wednesday, August 10, 2016

As per the Facebook post above, The White House now allows anyone with a Facebook account to send them letters, notes, messages, and more via Messenger. Normally, you’d have to either type or write your letter to the House in White and send it by ways of the post office, however this new alternative now allows anyone with even a simple Messenger profile to share their thoughts, suggestions, and more with President Obama.

So why make this type of interaction with The White House available other than make an effort to modernize themselves? Well, according to the above post, President Obama reads 10 letters sent to him by the American people each day. Their goal here is to make this level of interaction with our leader even more accessible by anyone living in the USA or other territories. I’m sure plenty will take advantage of this new addition to The White House’s contact list, and likely within a couple of weeks, we’re bound to hear someone say, “I text The White House and they won’t respond. Why?” on Yahoo Answers or something.

Source: Facebook (The White House)