We’re Starting a YouTube Channel

We tend to celebrate major milestones with new announcements of services here at MBEDDED. Like for our 500th post, we decided to launch a Facebook profile so you could get the latest news whenever you wanted right in your News Feed. Or when we had our big one year anniversary and we launched the MBEDDED Messenger Bot which allows uses to interact with our site like never before. And now that we’re celebrating our 1,000th article on the site, we thought it was time for another addition to our family of services.

So today, we’re announcing our new YouTube channel.

Yes, you read correctly. Backed by popular demand, we’re created a YouTube channel which we’ll upload plenty of fresh videos to. We’ll be doing unboxing, hands-on impressions, reviews, tutorials, and more. And as we evolve in the arena of video production, we invite you to subscribe to our channel by clicking here.

As you may already know, we host a weekly podcast called Reboot we stream over on the Reboot YouTube channel. To make our services more inline with each other, we’ve decided to stream exclusively on our new MBEDDED YouTube channel. But don’t worry, we won’t be removing any videos from our old channel. Everything will stay in tact over there. We just won’t be uploading any more videos to it.

As we continue to grow as a leader in technology news, we invite you to join us for the ride. And you can start by checking out our YouTube channel, the newest addition to the MBEDDED family.