LG’s V20 is Officially Coming w/ Same Dual-Screen Setup, Android Nougat, More

There’s been a handful of rumors swirling the internet for quite some time now hinting at the possibility of an LG V20 handset which would become the sequel to last year’s surprisingly successful V10 smartphone. However, we’ve now gotten official word that LG has confirmed the V20 is official and that it’ll be coming soon, ideally around the end of this month or early September.

Not much is known about the V20 as of yet such as the chipset, RAM count, storage options, or even what it’ll be made of. However, LG has stated that the V20 will bring a similar dual-display setup, a dual-camera system (presumably the same as the G5 launched earlier this year) with a wide-angle lens, and a 32-bit DAC audio system to deliver better audio performance from the speakers and any headphones you plug in. Previously, you could only get a better DAC on your LG smartphone when you picked up a Hi-Fi Plus module for the G5 which was very specific to regions where it was available (hint: not the US). Now, it appears that LG will make better sounding audio more available with the arrival of the V20.

LG also states that they’ve worked hard with Google to make the V20 possibly the first smartphone to launch with Android 7.0 Nougat. It’ll be interesting to see whether LG honors this statement or if another company beats them to the punch (like Samsung with the Note 7). If they fail, it’ll still be impressive to see a company like LG launch a phone with such recent software that Google hasn’t even had time to launch a device with it yet.

Expect the LG V20 to be unveiled around the end of August or beginning of September as that time frame would align with last year’s unveiling of the V10. We’ll have more on the V20 as more details begin emerging.

Source: LG via 9to5Google


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