WSJ: Apple’s Gearing Up to Buy TIDAL

A new report released by The Wall Street Journal claims that according to “people familiar with the matter”, Apple is currently in talks of buying Jay Z-owned TIDAL music streaming service. Released in 2014, TIDAL focused mainly on bringing high-fidelity audio streaming to users for a low price each month while also giving subscribers exclusive access to pre-released singles, albums, concerts, and music videos which you may never find on any other service thanks to exclusively rights. However, it appears that Apple wants in on their action and is interested in acquiring them to likely improve on their current music streaming service Apple Music.

Artists like Kanye West, Beyonce, Chris Martin, Jack White and Jay Z himself all partially own TIDAL. So as of now, it’s unclear whether Apple will become just a partial owner of the company like the artists listed above or totally buy them out. If the latter happens, exclusive content like live concert streams and TIDAL-only albums such as Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo or Beyonce’s Lemonade could be available on Apple’s Apple Music service even if for a very limited time. It’s unlikely for Apple to totally buy out TIDAL all together, however it remains a possibility.

According to this report, talks back and forth between executives at Apple and TIDAL are being made to compromise on the best deal. However, a spokesperson at TIDAL stated to WSJ that no negotiations are being made between the two companies. This may prove to be the truth in the future, however as of now it’s too early to call any shots.

Not much more details are known at this time. However, if you’re craving for more, check out The Verge’s report on the matter alongside 9to5Mac’s and The Next Web’s.

Source: The Wall Street Journal via The Verge, 9to5Mac, The Next Web