Moonfall is an Upcoming Film About the Fall of the Moon

The director of Independence Day: Resurgence Roland Emmerich has gotten his upcoming film approved by Universal Pictures. What’s the film’s title? Moonfall. What’s it about? The fall of the moon.

Too obvious? Let me be more specific…

The actual plot line of the film will be the day when the Moon begins to fall out of the sky and crash into Earth. It’s unclear whether this will be the destruction of our world, however it will be interesting to see this story come to life on screen. Y’know, if the movie makes it that far.

A very short synopsis-type description of Moonfall tells you to expect “an unlikely band of misfits who must unite to save humanity” in the film. This isn’t much to base our speculations of the movie off of, however at least it’s something.

No planned release date for Moonfall is known at this time, however we’ll let you know when that information comes in.

Source: Slashfilm via The Verge