NASA Launches App for Apple TV Allowing You to Watch Earth and ISS in Real Time

The Apple TV is a great platform for viewing content on the big screen where it’s better enjoyed. So since most people have to watch their content on smaller screens like laptops, tablets, and smartphones, NASA thought that an official app for Apple’s media streaming platform would be a great addition to their family of applications. So, beginning today, you’ll be able to download the space organization’s app right to your fourth-gen Apple TV.


What can you do on the NASA app for Apple TV? I’m glad you asked! Here’s a full list of the cool stuff you can do:

  • Watch live streaming NASA TV, and get a real-time view of the Earth from the International Space Station
  • View more than 15,000 images individually or as a continuous slideshow
  • Play on demand NASA videos
  • Find the next opportunity to view the International Space Station and other NASA satellites pass overhead, based on your location.
  • Display 2-D and 3-D satellite tracking maps
  • Discover the latest NASA mission information
  • Listen to Third Rock internet streaming radio
  • View the Earth as Art image gallery

I’m really excited about this app. If I had an Apple TV, I’d immediately download this and start using it just because I think it’d be cool to watch Earth and even the International Space Station in real-time. Plus, you can watch all their rocket launches live on your TV. That’s cool!

Plus, I’m not alone in the excitement about the new NASA app for Apple TV…

“The NASA app has been a fantastic way for the public to experience the excitement of space exploration from their mobile devices,” said David Weaver, NASA associate administrator for Communications. “Now, users with the latest Apple TV can explore and enjoy our remarkable images, videos, mission information, NASA Television and more on the big screen with the whole family.”

All in all, you can tell I’m looking forward to checking this app out. If you’re like me and wanna get it right away, you can do so by searching for “NASA” in the Apple TV App Store. If you wanna learn more about the app, click here.

Source: NASA