iOS 10 Beta Screenshots Seem to Show Upcoming Dark Mode

It was rumored that in iOS 10, Apple would bring a system wide dark mode to iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches to make a user’s experience feel more customizable and easier to view in darker environments. However, the only dark mode we say at WWDC was in tvOS 10 which, while makes sense, was a bit unexpected and not what us as consumers meant by dark mode on more devices rather just the Mac. But now, it looks like we won’t be met with disappointment and let down faces as screenshots of the current iOS 10 beta running in Xcode seem to show off the dark mode.



Thanks to developer Andrew Wilk’s tweet, we now have our first look at the dark mode in iOS 10 probably to be unveiled in full inside a future build of the OS. Mac Aficionados cared to piggy back on Wilk’s discoveries with their own screenshots of the new look in iBooks, Safari, Alarm and iTunes.



Other users, like one on Reddit, also was able to obtain screenshots of the new theme for iDevices, so it doesn’t seem like it’s only one guy getting a hint at what may be a dark theme. It’s multiple people basically getting the same thing.



Of course, this could be just a test by Apple which is rolling out server-side just to see how the public will react, however it’s likely that this feature will soon begin to roll out to beta testers once the work on it is complete because, at least according to these screenshots, fine tuning needs to take place.

What do you think of the dark theme in iOS 10 beta? Would you use it?

Via: 9to5Mac