ICYMI: Check Out NASA’s Mars Mission Recruit Posters Here

In case you missed it, NASA recently unveiled some new Mars mission recruiting posters which they hope will lure in potential astronauts to take a journey to the Red Planet for one of the first missions ever to the dust-filled landscape. Of course, these images could be just a little joke based off of NASA’s constant search for new astronomers, however they might work if you don’t really need too much convincing to get you strapped into a rocket ship headed toward the big red dot in the sky.

Don’t worry. Even if you are convinced enough by these posters to go to Mars, you’ve got plenty of time to prepare yourself, as the first manned mission to the Red Planet isn’t expected to occur until at least 2024. That gives you 8 years to mentally prepare yourself for the journey alongside physically because, according to each of these jobs listed in the posters, you’re gonna need some type of strength to get them done.

Will you be going to Mars now that you know NASA wants you via colorful posters?

Via: Outer Places