Never Mind, Apple’s Not Letting You Delete Stock Apps in iOS 10

Yesterday, it was discovered that you could delete most of Apple’s stock applications found in iOS 10. This led to a huge spike in traffic here on MBEDDED as many readers were stating to us how excited they were to receive this feature. However, it’s now been clarified that by removing one of these applications from your iDevice, you’re not deleting the app, just the user data stored inside it.

Here’s an example: if you were to download an app such as Crossy Road, play it a little, then decided to uninstall it, you’ll be greeted with a prompt asking for your confirmation in the deletion of the app. If you were to long press on, say, iOS’ Mail application and attempt to uninstall it, you’ll be greeted with a prompt asking for your confirmation in the removal of the app. All this means is that the user data stored in the app, which isn’t a lot mind you since Apple’s app are usually pretty efficient when it comes to storage, is removed from your device and the app itself isn’t accessible any more. This is why when downloading the app again from the App Store, the process is so quick. A new interview on Josh Gruber’s podcast “The Talk Show” with Craig Federighi, Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering, confirms the discovery as he stated that the software binaries of the apps are a necessary part of iOS and that they need to stay in so nothing goes wrong.

Seriously, Apple?

Well, in their defense, they’ve tied their applications so tight into iOS that even if you were to delete them entirely, you probably would start experiencing major issues with your device. Why? Because the roots of the software are so intertwined with the roots of iOS. And that’s just what Federighi said. So until Apple stops depending on their apps to get the job done, we’re gonna have to live with the reality that deletable stock apps in iOS are just a myth.

Source: Cult of Mac via Neowin