Report: Amazon’s Working on It’s Own Music Streaming Service to Compete with Spotify and Apple Music

Reuters has released a report which states that Amazon is currently working on its own music streaming service to compete with Spotify and Apple Music. You may think right away that the company already has that in Prime Music, however that service is simply a perk you receive when you subscribe to Amazon Prime and is no way involved with this stand-alone service in question.

This new service would be offered for $9.99 per month just like Spotify and Apple Music alongside Google’s Play Music service and launch during either this summer or fall. Reuters quotes “two people with knowledge of the matter” when stating this information alongside the fact that Amazon is currently finalizing the necessary licensing with labels required to have access to more music for streaming. It’s unclear whether this service will have more content to stream than Prime Music or not, however it’s likely that you’ll find more of your favorite songs on this new service.

This new subscription-based music service will also benefit Amazon Echo, as currently while you can stream music via Prime Music using the home assistant, you’ll mainly need a Spotify account to access music not in the former’s catalog. This way, as long as the catalog is extensive enough, you could potentially drop the need for a separate music service account and just stick with Amazon’s offering.

Reuters’ source is calling Amazon’s rumored music streaming service “inevitable”, as it’s been expected to happen for quite some time. However, nothing has been revealed or hinted about the service except once before in January 2016, but that’s it. So as of now, we’re just gonna have to wait and see just what happens in the future.

Source: Reuters via The Verge