Report: Apple to Announce iMessage for Android at WWDC

iMessage has been used on all iOS devices for quite some time now. It’s available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and even the Mac. However, that’s it. You can’t go grab your new Galaxy S7 and expect to text your friends and family via Apple’s free messaging service. You’d have to use something like Google Allo which allows communication like that since it works cross-platform. But, if a new report by MacDailyNews is of any indication, all of that is about to change…

In this new report, the blog cites a source “familiar with the company’s thinking” when they say that iMessage is coming to Android and will be announced at WWDC this Monday.  This means that anyone with an Android or iOS device could communicate with each other using Apple’s default messaging solution. In addition, the reasoning behind this action is reportedly due to the company’s increasing focus on different services they offer, meaning opening up some to other platforms other than their own. This wouldn’t be the first time this thinking played a role in one of Cupertino’s announcements. An Apple Music beta app for Android launched just over 7 months ago, while a Move to iOS app for Google users has been around for a while. If Apple does open up iMessage to Android users, they’ll pretty much make company history.

Another reason why Apple may be looking to branch iMessage into Android territory is to get more active use. In February, Eddie Cue stated that at very active times, 200,000 messages can be sent per second. As this isn’t the norm for iMessage by any means, Apple may be trying to get numbers at least similar to that on a daily basis, and considering how many users are on Android already, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple state that 500,000 messages can be sent per second at peak times.

Finally, I belive that at least part of the reason Apple would open iMessage to Android users is because of Google’s Allo. It’s basically iMessage just available cross-platform and by Google. It would make sense for Apple to begin competing with them on that level. If Cupertino wants to stay in the game, they’ll need to bite a few bullets like they’d be doing here. Plus, I along with I’m sure plenty of others would love to have iMessage on our Android devices.

MacDailyNews goes on to say that their source is claiming that due to Apple always staying in fluctuating thought, the timing of this announcement may be a little off. However, iMessage for Android will “definitely” be launching at some point before 2016’s over.

What do you think? Will Apple open up iMessage to Android users?

Source: MacDailyNews via 9to5Google