Report: iTunes Getting “Major Overhaul” at WWDC

We all know iTunes is a wreck. Apple Music is all over the place, iTunes gets more confusing with every update, and different functions like Podcasts and iTunes U simply overload the app and make it such a pain to use. However, it looks like this will be no more (well, at least the scattered-ness) as Digital Music News is reporting that a major design overhaul is coming to the music app and will bring with it lots of tweaks and shifts to make the experience much better.

First of all, iTunes and Apple Music won’t be as close anymore, which is a good thing since as of now, the UI throughout the app is so confusing that everywhere you click to get a function from iTunes, something about Apple Music pops up. This will be no more, as many UI tweaks are in store for the app. In addition, a focus on artwork and a plainer black and white look is headed to the iOS 10 Music app to make that experience much more fluid, as that app is also a pain to use as much as the iTunes app.

Mark Gurman, an ace Apple reporter over at 9to5Mac, has tweeted out some interesting things about the future of iTunes for desktop. He also hints at the possibility that Apple could still be axing iTunes downloads for good in the future even though the company explicitly said they weren’t (this controversy has been stirred up by Digital Music News as they defend their recent report in this new article). Here’s each one of his messages.




As you can see, Gurman is told a total redesign of iTunes is coming which will launch alongside OS X (MacOS?) 10.12 in the fall. This will coincide with the new overhaul Apple Music is also receiving with dedicated licensed lyrics for songs alongside the possibility of an identical black and white UI which will also be found in the iOS 10 Music app.

This new version of iTunes is expected to be unveiled at WWDC 2016 alongside iOS 10, OS X 10.12, watchOS 3, and tvOS 10 We’ll have full coverage of Monday’s events here on MBEDDED.

What’s your take on these rumors? Legit?

Source: Digital Music News via 9to5Mac