iOS Users Can Now Share to Instagram Way Faster

Instagram for iOS has received an update to version 8.2 which includes bug fixes, security improvements, and a way to share to the social media platform way easier and quicker.

While in Photos or other iOS apps such as Google Photos or even the official Reddit app, you’ll be able to tap the “Share” button and post your pic to Instagram right from this menu. This feature works as a third-party extension which needs to be enabled manually by the user.


In order to take advantage of this shortcut, first go to the App Store and update Instagram to version 8.2. Then, launch the Photos app or something similar, tap the “Share” button at the top, swipe to the far right of the colored application icons, and hit the “More” button. After that, simply toggle on Instagram and arrage it on the list of apps where you’d like it to be displayed and hit “Done”. Now you’ll be able to share your pics without having to jump back and forth between Instagram and another application.

While you can write a caption for your photos when sharing through the “Share” menu in iOS, you can’t put one of Instagram’s filters on your images, so you’ll need to actually launch the app to get that feature.

This extension has been highly requested by many users. Ever since iOS 8 in 2014, users have wanted to be able to share pictures right to Instagram through the “Share” menu since the OS supported third-party extensions. Now that that day has come, I can tell lots of people will be satisfied and will probably be posting to Instagram more often. Because, y’know, no one nobody posts to Instagram enough…

Source: 9to5Mac