Android Marshmallow is Now on 10.1% of All Devices, While KitKat is on Over 30%

Every month, Google releases a pie chart indicating what the status is on their Android operating system and which versions are running on the most devices. This month has proven to be no exception, and word has just come in that Marshmallow, the company’s latest version of the OS, is now running on 10.1% of devices.


It’s really unclear just why only 10.1% of devices are running Marshmallow, however many different people have many different opinions. Some blame it on the manufacturers not pushing the most recent updates out, some blame it on the lack of compelling features in Android 6.0 which don’t attract the public to upgrade, some blame it on the lack of device support, etc. My personal opinion is kind of scattered all over the map, however I think I’m leaning more on the lack of device support reasoning.

For reference, Lollipop dropped 0.2% over the last month to 35.4%, KitKat runs on 31.6% of devices, Jelly Bean is on 18.9%, ICS is running on 1.9%, Gingerbread is on 2.0%, and Froyo stubbornly stays on 0.1% of devices.

What do you think about the latest statistics out of Google?

Source: Android Developer Console via 9to5Google