OnePlus Will Sell 1000 OnePlus 3 Units 10 Days Before Launch

OnePlus has announced that on June 6th, the company will begin selling a total of 1000 units to customers of the OnePlus 3. This date is just less than 10 days before the device is set to debut and ultimately launch. They’re calling this a “blind sale”, with the reason why being the fact that since the launch isn’t for 10 days, they aren’t gonna show you anything about the device other than the box it comes in.

No specs will be unveiled on this date either, so you’re really gonna have to trust OnePlus on sending you a good smartphone for the money you spend. The cost of the OnePlus 3 during this blind sale will be 2.999 yuan, or roughly $455 in USD. There are reports that there will be a higher end variant of the OP3, so this may explain this high price. Yesterday, we reported that someone was already selling the device on their market for $369, so this device could be the less-powerful model. Either way, both of these prices are still a bit high for OnePlus devies as none of the company’s phones have cost anything similar ever.

Since this price isn’t confirmed, if the official cost of the device is lower, OnePlus will be happy to send you a refund. Y’know, after the launch date, of course.

Even though OnePlus won’t tell us them, we kind of already know the specs of the upcoming OnePlus 3. It’s set to feature a 5.5-inch 1080p display, a 2.15GHz Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB/6GB of RAM, 32/64/128 of storage, OxygenOS based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, a 16MP rear camera with an 8MP front camera, a fingerprint sensor, and an HTC-like aluminum build.

Will you be one of the first people to buy a OnePlus 3?

Source: 9to5Google