Non-Explosive Hoverboards Going On Sale at Best Buy, Amazon

Hoverboards, segways, or whatever you like to call them (granny probably calls them “scooters” or something) have had this problem where they keep exploding. Seriously. People would buy them, plug them in to charge, and BOOM! There goes $700 of pure joy. This has led to many retailers, including Amazon, to ban them from their stores since they caused so much danger and risk to customers. New safety guidelines and tests have been in line for a while now for devices, and it was just a matter of time until we met the first models to pass. Now, it looks like the first verified-safe hoverboard is about to hit the market.

The Segway MiniPro, a pretty large hoverboard with a special “knee control bar” for better navigation, is about to go onsale at Amazon for $999. Best Buy is also getting into the game of hoverboard sales and will begin retailing Swagtron’s T1 and T3 at their stores. Amazon will begin selling hoverboards for the third time after two separate bans of the method of navigation, while Best Buy is taking their first swing at the market. Each hoverboard mentioned here have passed the necessary tests to be verified as safe and not blow up, however we’re gonna have to see if anyone tries to plug one of these puppies in before any assumptions can be made.

Source: The Verge