Direct Replies Are Coming to Facebook Messenger in Android N

When Android N launches, it’ll introduce Direct Reply notifications, allowing apps to add a quick shortcut to their notifications to quickly reply to a message received. This feature is mainly for messaging apps or social media and really can’t be used in any other form. So since Google Messenger recently began testing them with their selves, Facebook’s giving it a try now with Messenger.

Users are reporting that on their devices running the preview of Android N, Facebook Messenger beta version 74 is sending them notifications with Direct Reply built-in. This is helping with snappiness of returning texts alongside skipping over the step of re-opening Messenger for like the 40th time in 15 minutes. Of course, on the current version of Android there’s a way to reply to a message from the notification shade, however it’s very limited since the only available action is “Like.”

Numerous applications have a quick reply feature built into them like Hangouts and WhatsApp to allow users running Android 6.0.1 and lower to quickly send a text back to a friend or current chat buddy, however having a native ability to include this feature just makes the experience a lot better.

If you’re running Android N and see Direct Reply notifications pop up from Messenger beta (sign up here), send us a screenshot at

Source: 9to5Google