The First Phone to Receive the June Android Security Patch is… the Galaxy S7 Edge?

Every month, Google promised that they’d release a security patch for Android devices around the world so everyone would stay up-to-date on the latest security efforts more often. Normally, when this update to the mobile OS is released, its first pushed to Nexus devices much like every other major Android release. However, it appears that Samsung is interrupting this tradition as many users are reporting that they are beginning to receive the June security update already on their Galaxy S7 Edges.

This isn’t the first time Samsung launched a security patch early. In March, just a few days before the first of April, the company began pushing out the April security update to the Galaxy S7 Edge in Korea. This particular date wasn’t very long after the March 11th launch of the smartphone, so it’s interesting to see such rare history repeat itself.

We’re bound to see the June security patch reach Nexus devices alongside other handsets within a few days now, so stay tuned. In the mean time, if you own a Galaxy S7 Edge, go to Settings > About phone and hit the Download updates manually button so you can see if the security patch has reached your device yet.

Have you received the patch yet on your Galaxy S7 Edge?

Source: Android Authority