Google Puts Pressure on Partners to Push Out Updates Faster to Devices

The challenge Google is facing is so-called “fragmentation” which means phones running Android run vastly different versions of the OS. This is in part due to the fact that not all Android phones are created equal.

Different manufactures have different approaches. Some choose to put almost pure Android on their devices like Motorola. But companies like Samsung take a different approach and load the software with their own customizations, which you can choose to like or hate. But regardless of how much you like it, putting on all the custom features takes time. Which in some cases there is not a lot of.

“It’s not an ideal situation” said Android chief Hiroshi Lockheimer at Google’s last I/O developers conference a week ago. When talking about the fragmentation of Android, he called it “The weakest link on security on Android.”

Like when there was the stagefreight hack going around. Google tried to get a security update out, which got to a lot of phones, however there are still ones vulnerable because they did not (yet) receive the new software.

This is where the pressure comes from. So, Google has compiled a list of manufactures and carriers who are among the slowest to update. Which in itself is not a problem, but Google threatens to release the list to the public if there are no changes made to the way this is handled. This could be a devastating blow for some companies to have one of the largest tech companies in the world publicly shame you. However, it could also be taken as a wake-up call for manufacturers to start updating their devices more often. Look at it either way, and you’ll realize that Google really should release the list to the public simply for those reasons and those reasons only.