‘The Martian’ Creator Andy Weir Making Another Movie with Ridley Scott, Fox

Word has come in that “The Martian” creator Andy Weir alongside Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox are getting back together to make another movie. It’s unclear what this film will be about/called, however it’s known that Weir pitched the idea to the studio and had Scott jump on-board for obvious reasons.

The plot of the upcoming film may be based on Weir’s upcoming novel which was unveiled to be in the works in April about a criminal female astronaut in the far future who travels to a well-civilized version of our Moon:

“The main character is a low-level criminal in a city on the moon,” Weir said of the novel in April. “Her challenges are a mix of technical/scientific problems, as well as juggling personal interactions-staying a step ahead of the local police, working with shady and dangerous people to do illegal things.”

Wouldn’t that make a great movie?

Of course we probably won’t see this film for a while since the book about this plot hasn’t even been announced yet in entirety, however hopefully in a matter of a few years we’ll get another film made by the genius minds of Weir, Scott, and Fox.

(Note that this plot isn’t official yet to be the one belonging to the upcoming film. This is just a strong theory many publications have.)