Superman’s Home Planet is Getting It’s Own TV Show

Syfy has ordered a pilot for a TV show called Krypton, a prequel to Superman, one of the world’s most famous superheores. This new series will take place two generations before the planet’s destruction and focus mainly on the Man of Steel’s grandfather. David S. Goyer will be executive producing the series after he wrote for films such as Batman v Superman, Man of Steel, and all three of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. As of now, there’s no set release date for the show.


Superhero television shows have proven to be pretty popular amongst viewers. Series like Supergirl, The Flash, and even Gotham (a prequel to Batman) have received much praise amongst reviewers and could tell us that shows which fall into this category are pretty much destined to fame since their fan base is already strong. As it looks now, Syfy may want to jump on that bandwagon with Krypton and start making a little extra dough and become the home to hopefully one of the best TV shows out.