Google’s Famous Blue Web Links Are Turning Black (Why?)

Google appears to be A/B testing a redesign of their web links which show up as search results. Instead of the famous blue links which everyone’s accustomed to (unless your in China who instead sees red links), the company looks to be preparing to launch black links. Black. Seriously.

Honestly, it doesn’t make sense why Google would do this. Blue is a color which separates Google from other search engines like Bing or Yahoo!. Why do they have to make them black now? Oh, and if you see an already visited link in a search result, the color is a very light gray rather a distinctive purple.

Really, Google? You’re that board?

Also, I’m not the only one complaining. Apparently, reports sent to the Telegraph are stating that users aren’t happy with the sudden change either. Fortunately, this new look hasn’t reached everyone as it’s still being tested by a small number of users, however all we can do is pray that they don’t make this change public.

Have you spotted the new black links in Google search results? Let us know with a screenshot sent to