Motorola is Tweeting Out Hints at the Upcoming Moto G

Motorola’s India Twitter account has been tweet out hints about their upcoming Moto G 4th generation smartphone which is set to debut on May 17th at a special event. Here’s all the tweets discovered to be Moto G-related:





In case the hints aren’t clicking in your head, let me simplify:

  1. The first tweet must be about improved security if this guy doesn’t want his dad seeing his browser history
  2. The second tweet is hinting that the Moto G will have a faster processor inside since the man in the picture is going nuts because his game froze on his current phone
  3. The third tweet is obviously about the new camera in the Moto G. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be complaints about a blurry “groupfie” being resolved “soon”.
  4. The fourth tweet is most likely saluting the bigger battery the Moto G will contain. Wall huggers are known as people who’s phones’ batteries don’t last long at all.
  5. The fifth tweet resembles the fourth tweet pretty significantly. It also is about the bigger and better battery people will find in the new Moto G. Otherwise, the guy in the picture wouldn’t be distraught because his text didn’t send thanks to his phone dying.

It’s clear that each of these tweets are quietly referencing a new smartphone, and since the 4th generation Moto G has been rumored so much so often recently, it’s no question that this must be the handset being spoken about. But if it isn’t, we’ll let you know.