Visit Mars By Checking Out This Amazing Panorama

NASA has released to the public a panorama of Mars taken by the company’s Curiosity rover. And it’s beautiful.

Just a snippet of what the full panorama looks like

The part of Mars seen in the picture is what’s called the Naukluft Plateau inside the Gale Crater. The Naukluft Mountains, something found here on Earth in Namibia, were a part of the naming scheme for the Plateau, as “Naukluft” means narrow ravine. Plenty of sand, rocks, and the horizon are all featured in this breath-taking panorama. Oh, and parts of Curiosity itself can be seen at the bottom, in case you were “curious” (pun intended).

Interestingly enough, Curiosity took the photos needed for this panorama on April 4th which were then transmitted to NASA who then stitched them together and adjusted the lighting situation in the photo to one you might find on Earth. I’d really like to see the unedited version, however, since that would simulate more what it’s like to be on Mars, but I guess I’ll have to settle for this.

You can check out the full image by clicking here.