The Death of the Nexus 9 is Upon Us

When a Google product dies, there’s no big announcement stating that they won’t be selling the device anymore or is simply killing it off. Every device dies a very sudden and quite death by disappearing from the Google Store and is no longer available straight from the company. And the Nexus 9 is no exception because, as of yesterday, the 8.9-inch Android tablet is no longer available for purchase right from Google.


But while the death of the 9 may follow normal protocol for all Google devices, there is a strange factor to note. Usually, when a Nexus product (or anything straight from Google for that matter) dies, its page is left up on the Google Store as a listing while the “Buy” button is grayed out and replaced with “This item is no longer available.” For some reason, this isn’t present in this case. It might be because Google really wants this product gone or just decided to take the page down early, but whatever the reason, there’s now no way of reliving the memory of the official Nexus 9 listing on the Google Store was. Y’know, unless you have a screenshot of it. Then you’re good.

So now you must wonder what exactly the cause of death really was. Well, the Nexus 9 was built and manufactured by HTC, someone who has been declining in profits tremendously and has overall sunken in past years. With markdowns on the 9 by up to 40% (making the final cost just $240) at retailers and the fact that this wasn’t ever really a great tablet, the reason for the kill off of the Nexus 9 may be pretty plain to see. Mind you, HTC is still selling the 9 for its original price of $400 for 16GB of storage, however a) expect this price to drop pretty soon or b) for HTC to also stop selling the 9 altogether.

But no matter what the cause of death may have been, the Nexus 9 will for sure remain in a special place in everyone’s hearts. Y’know, even though it was never very good with its performance problems and sometimes poor build quality.