Nextbit Robin, a Cloud-Based Smartphone, is Getting a Major Update

The Nextbit Robin has proven to be a pretty highly-praised smartphone with it’s cloud-based functionality. Now, the handset is getting a big update to Android 6.0.1 which brings with it a lot of new features and improvements.

For starters, the Robin has received the new emojis found in Android 6.0.1 alongside April’s security patch. It also gets some tuning for the handset’s processor, giving the Robin better battery life and performance.

The built-in camera app featured on the Robin has been totally redesigned and now allows pictures to be captured faster and look way better. This is very welcome since previously, the Robin didn’t take the best photos.

Audio drivers built into the Robin have also been tuned, so ringtones, notifications, music, movies, and more sound even better whether you’re using headphones or the built-in speakers. Nextbit states that at higher volumes, you’ll really notice the difference.

To round out the update, in a partnership between Nextbit and AIAIAI, a new set of headphones are available for purchase. As a take on TMA-2 over-the-ears, the headphones are very high quality and result in ringtones “that soothe the otherwise occasionally disturbing world of smartphone notifications.” The headphones cost $225 and are available from Nextbit’s website.

In conclusion, Nextbit is now selling the Robin on Amazon through their Amazon’s Launchpad store for startups at $399 in mint or midnight.

Is all of this enough to convince you to pick up a Robin? Let us know in the comments!