Twitter is Redesigning Their Mobile Website

As of now, Twitter’s website on a mobile device looks so old, it’s scary. It’s got old iconography, a 3D-type old-iOS style UI, and lacks important user facing features like embedded images and links in tweets. However, this is all about to change as the social network has redesigned the site and is currently A/B testing it. I say they are testing it since neither Moments or Lists are found.

This new UI appears to be similar to Twitter’s Android app’s current look, however also brings to mind the new material design theme the app will be receiving soon. The iconography in this new look is up to date, the UI is flatter and more modern, and the overall experience is better by the network giving the site a simpler way of navigating. For reference, here’s what the old interface looks like:

Source: Android Police

As you can see, the new UI is a big improvement over the old.

The device we received the new UI is on a second generation Moto E. We also were successful with a 2015 Amazon Fire tablet.

Here’s a peek at the new Twitter mobile site on the Fire:

I have a feeling this new design is a bit more mainstream than we think, however it may just be a coincidence.

Visit and send us a screenshot to if you have received the new Twitter UI. We’ll update this post if we learn anything else.