Report: New Amazon Kindle Will Be Thinner, Feature Rechargeable Battery Case

The Wall Street Journal has released a report today stating that Amazon’s upcoming 8th-generation Kindle, which was just teased yesterday by the company’s CEO Jeff Bezos, will feature a thinner design thanks to a smaller battery. This may seem off-putting to some people, however the company is also reportedly including a case alongside the e-reader that features a built-in rechargeable battery, so don’t expect your new Kindle to die quicker than your current one. There’s also talks about a solar-powered case for the new device according to the popular news source, however this accessory probably won’t be launching alongside the new Kindle.


In addition to the new details about the upcoming Kindle, The Wall Street Journal also quotes some internal names the new e-reader is known as to Amazon. For starters, the actual device is reportedly known as “Whiskey”, while the battery case is called “Soda”. Feel free to pick apart these names as much as you can, however I’m not too confident you’re gonna get very far.

Besides the design leaks and internal names, there haven’t been any more details about the new Kindle which we can report on at this time. And since the initial announcement and potential launch of the device is just now a matter of days away, don’t expect too much more information about the next-gen e-reader to leak before then.