Nintendo’s Miitomo App is Coming to the US This Week

Nintendo’s first application for mobile devices, Miitomo, has become a huge smash hit, and it hasn’t even landed in the US yet. However, the company has announced today that on March 31st, the game/messaging platform for iOS and Android will be landing in Uncle Sam’s land on both the App Store and Google Play. And while people in the US are already using the app via installation of the APK, they haven’t been able to set their current location to anywhere else but Japan, so when the app launches here, customers can let the game know that they’re in the US.


Miitomo doesn’t feature any of the familiar faces like Super Mario we’ve all come to know and love, however it does feature the ever-so-popular Mii customizable characters found on the Wii and Nintendo DS counsels. Users can create their own Mii which will be used throughout the app. Once the initial signup and creation of your Mii is done, you’ll be able to chat with other users signed up for the application with them seeing any information you’ve decided to add to your Mii’s profile. Nintendo claims that your Mii one day will soon know more about you than you do yourself as you keep adding more and more information to it along with the messages you send to specific people.

Miitomo has gotten a lot of buzz, with the app being downloaded over one million times in its first three days of availability, while achieving the #1 most downloaded free app status in both the App Store and Google Play storefronts.

“With Miitomo, Nintendo takes its first step into the world of smart devices,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Miitomo brings the special Nintendo charm and polish that people around the world love to an entirely new format and audience.”

Other countries around the world will also be getting the app, however Nintendo hasn’t specified which ones they are other than the US.