March’s Security Patch Also Improves Nexus 5X’s Speed

People have been complaining how slow their phones are, and these people just so happen to own a Nexus 5X, one of Google’s latest flagship smartphones. You may not think the phone would be slow since it has a Snapdragon 808, 2GB of RAM, and stock Android Marshmallow, but apparently it is and users aren’t happy. And just when you think Google doesn’t care, they sneak speed improvements and stability fixes into the March 2016 security patch for the sequel to the Nexus 5. Yep, you read correctly.



So what’s packed into the OTA update for the 5X? Well, there’s obviously speed and stability improvements as previously mentioned, however there are also plenty of bug fixes since the update will make it’s way to 5X’s via the March security patch. One  GoogleNexusCM Redditor (who is apparently an official Googler) verified this information via a Reddit post.

I wanted to give some clarification around this, and specifically let you all know that an OTA update will begin rolling out today for the Nexus 5X. We have listened to your feedback, and this update includes a number of bug fixes that will improve overall stability, connectivity, and performance on the Nexus 5X. The March security update will be included with this OTA for the Nexus 5X.

The so-called verified Googler went on to suggest that “the vast majority of the world (including major US carriers)” should use build MHC19J.

Let’s all hope that the drama caused by the slowness of the Nexus 5X is over and will be forever, because I’m just as sick of it as the next guy.

If you want to get the update for your 5X but don’t wanna wait for it, you can download the official factory image and flash it to your device. I included a download link and flashing instructions in my post about March’s security patch, and since I don’t wanna repeat myself, here’s the post itself.

Have you gotten the OTA update yet or have flashed it to your device and have noticed speed and overall stability improvements? Let us know in the comments!