ICYMI: Project Fi is Now Invite-Free and Made More Attractive with $199 Nexus 5X Up for Grabs

Project Fi, Google’s MVNO cellular service, has been around for a while, and up until now, you needed an invitation to sign up for the service, which most of the time steered away potential customers. So in case you missed it, the company has now changed their minds and are starting up an invite-free system where all you need to do is register for the service and receive your SIM card to pop into your phone. It’s that simple.


We launched Project Fi as an invitation-only Early Access program to make sure we could deliver the best quality of service to our first customers. Today, we’re excited to be exiting our invitation-only mode and opening up Project Fi so that people across the U.S. can now sign up for service without having to wait in-line for an invite.

In case you’re a novice when it comes to Project Fi, basically what it is is a cellular service that uses T-Mobile and Sprint’s towers to connect user’s devices to the internet with the fastest speeds in their current location. On average, users use about 1.6GB of data per month, which could be caused by Google’s Wi-Fi Assistant that connects users to high-quality public hotspots through a VPN. It also might be because users who use less data are for a majority signed up with Fi and therefore only just about 1.6GB of data per month. Either way you look at it, it all makes sense.

Google seems to be hearing users that they want Fi on their device which doesn’t happen to be a Nexus 6P, 5X, or 6, as in their official blog post, they hint that the service might be coming to other devices in the near future.

We launched data-only SIMs in December to help Project Fi subscribers connect to data from devices other than their phones with no additional fees or restrictions. Since then, we’ve seen SIMs used everywhere from tablets to cars. While we’re just starting to experiment here, one thing is already clear: people want access to data on more devices.

There’s a clear possibility that the service might be supported on other devices soon, but don’t expect it to be available next month or something on your Galaxy S7.


Besides the new invite-free system, Google also has a pretty sweet deal up for grabs. If you’re a new customer to Project Fi and want to get a phone on that network, the company is offering their Nexus 5X smartphone with 16GB of storage for just $199, down $150 from the original price of $349. For 32GB, it’ll run you $249 which isn’t bad either. You have until April 7th to take advantage of this offer. Note that customers are limited to only one device.

Will you be signing up for Project Fi with your new $199 Nexus 5X?