Facebook’s Messenger’s New Material Design Look Just Got Updated, And This Version’s Much More Blue

A few weeks ago, Facebook began testing a new material design refresh of their Messenger app, and now it looks like they’ve update the beta with a blue action and top bar, making it appear more like a Facebook app and material-y.

According to the images above (found via this Reddit thread), it appears that Facebook wants to stick with it’s age-old blue look, which isn’t a bad thing. The color gives the app a nice feel, and I feel as though they should stick with this look. I’m a fan of it, and I feel that other people are too. Drop a comment if you agree.

These new screenshots look pretty different when compared to the previous leaks we saw a few weeks ago. Here’s a quick comparison:

Previous design
Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 4.14.38 PM
New design (notice the difference between the top bars in each image)

As you can see, Facebook has changed lots around with this new test, and, to be honest, it looks awesome!

Don’t be disappointed if you aren’t one of the lucky ones to try this new update out. People are randomly chosen to participate, and users of this new beta don’t even know they’re part of it until they see it pop up on their devices. However, if you check out that Reddit thread linked above, you’ll notice that there’s lots of people who have access to this new design, so the company may be rolling it out to more users at this point, but again, not everyone’s gonna be able to participate.


Are you looking forward to the new update? Let us know!