Microsoft’s Pushing a Firmware Update to Unlocked Lumia 950 XLs in the U.S. & Canada

Microsoft has begun to roll out a firmware update to the 5.7 inch Lumia 950 XL. The update comes with a new firmware version number of 01078.00027.15506.02005 and a hardware revision number of


Microsoft has cared to state what can be found in the new firmware update:

  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • Improvements for SD memory card support.
  • Improvements for automatic display brightness settings.
  • Fix for a camera problem that was causing noisy images in low-light conditions for some users.
  • Fix for a 4K video problem that was causing stripes to show up while playing back recorded videos for some users.

Let us know if you find any other changes in the new update with a comment!