Apple’s Planning Their Next Keynote for March 2016 to Introduce the Apple Watch 2

Can I just say I called it? No? Okay…

According to 9to5Mac‘s sources with knowledge of Apple’s plans, the company is supposedly gearing up to host their next keynote in March of 2016 to debut their rumored Apple Watch 2. 9to5Mac says the Apple Watch 2 would then ship by April, “nearly a year after the original model first went on sale”. This news comes after a recent report was released with leaks and rumors about the new device making it’s way to customer’s wrists in the second or third quarter of next year.

The Apple Watch 2 has been rumored to feature new technologies like a camera, sleep tracker, and health sensors even before the first Apple Watch went on sale. It’s still unclear on exactly what Apple will pack into the next-gen Watch, but we can expect to see at least one of the technologies mentioned.

Alongside the new Apple Watch 2, Apple’s also expected to launch the iPhone 6c, their rumored 4-inch budget handset. There’s been a lot of hype about this rumor, and it looks like we could finally be seeing it in the real world. The device is rumored to have a 4-inch display and body resembling the iPhone 5s but be available in multiple colors such as the ones the iPhone 5c came in. However the device will resemble Apple’s current free handset, it’s rumored to feature an A9 processor, the same one found in the iPhone 6s.

The fact that Apple’s actually doing this is not present yet, but I think it’s a good idea to assume that this event will be happening due to the fact that they already have two products as expected as they are at this time. But hey, that’s just me…




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