Nexus 5X Fingerprint Reader (Apparently) Faster Than iPhone 6S

Whoa! I did not see this coming!

In a new video from YouTuber SuperSaf TV, he compares the Nexus 5X, part of Google’s new duo of Nexii for 2015, fingerprint reader with the iPhone 6S’s, and the results are mind boggling.

If you’ve been following all the news about the iPhone 6S or if you own one, you know that the Touch ID sensor is extremely fast. Like so fast, to unlock your phone, all you have to do is press the Home button once and let go. And that’s it. But apparently, Google has beat Apple in this game of speedy fingerprint readers. According to the video, the Nexus 5X’s sensor is a little bit speedier than the 6S’s when compared to each other.

During the slow-motion replays in the video, you can notice a slight difference between the two phones.

​It’s unclear at this time to whether Huawei and LG use the same fingerprint readers in the new Nexus phones, but we can assure you that the 6P’s new sensor will most likely be just as fast if not faster. Only time will tell whether the Nexus fingerprint scanner is as reliable as Touch ID over time, but so far, it looks incredibly impressive.

I’m not saying give up your iPhone 6S by no means. The Touch ID sensor is still lightning fast. There just might be some competition out there just like there always is, that’s all.