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Target has officially started to sell the Apple Watch on their online store after a recent report came out stating they would begin to sell Apple’s first wearable on October 18th. One of the main reasons for choosing this date is probably caused by the holiday season being not too far off, along with Target dubbing the Watch “one of the season’s hottest gift items”.

You wouldn’t know it at first that the major retailer was selling the Watch, considering they don’t have a picture of it or anything of that nature on their homepage. Here’s some screenshots taken around 11 AM EST today of their homepage:

As you can see, there isn’t a site of the Apple Watch on their homepage, the place you’d first expect it to be. But I assure you, it’s there. You just need to search “apple watch”. That’s what I did, and I found that it took me to the “official” Apple Watch page on
Most of the information in the press release from Target is correct, so they didn’t really change anything. The Watch is available in either the Sport or Watch collection in 38 or 42mm sizes, with colors being Space Gray, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and Silver for the Sport and just Silver and Space Black for the Watch collection. The price range is a little different than before, though: in the press release, it says that the Watch will be available for between $349 and $599. If you take a look at Target’s website, it says that the Watch which costs the most is $699, which is the 42mm Stainless Steel Watch with Milanese Loop band, chaining the price range to $349-$699, which isn’t a major hike up, but then again it’s $100 so……

Target also offers multiple different Apple-made bands to choose from (at least according to their site), including all the Sport bands (in each color, size, etc), and some more fashionable choices like the leather or Milanese Loop. The price for one of these bands ranges from $49 to $149.

Target also offers charging cables for the Watch on their site. The chargers come in 0.3m, 1m and 2m sizes ranging from $29 to $39.
Alongside the Apple-made accessories for the Watch, Target also sells third-party add ons for the Watch, including bands, cases, and charging docks, with some being available online only and some in stores only. Prices for these accessories are also a lot less than Apple’s.
Some stores nationwide have begun to sell the Watch in person, while the others will carry Apple’s first wearable physically by October 25th.

For all the details, visit Target’s official website.

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