Introducing MBEDDEDpaper

Today, we are launching a new page on our site: MBEDDEDpaper. You may ask yourself, “What is MBEDDEDpaper?”. Well, here’s the answer.


It’s a news page. But not an ordinary news page. See, we’ve curated it so it displays the best news in technology, smartphones, mobile apps, and more. It’s like a technology-based newspaper, hence the name MBEDDEDpaper.

We want audiences everywhere to engage in content better than they ever have. So why not make this experience as immersive as reading one of our Stories?
We designed the Paper Feed to allow users to become immersed. We don’t want you to figure it out. We already did that.

As you scroll through the Paper Feed, more and more content begins to appear. And with the excellent filtering methods made to grab this content from the web, your eyes are bound to catch something you’ve just gotta read.
We’ve made the content so immersive, that we’ve given everything our Feed captures clickable and focusable. And, you can share it with one click of a mouse. We think you’re really gonna like this.
We hope you like the new MBEDDEDpaper page, because we sure as heck do. Visit it by clicking here.

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