Welcome to the new MBEDDED

We’ve redesigned MBEDDED. Why? Because we want Apple’s newest news, rumor, and review site to be more than just content on a page you look at. We wanted to make it an experience.

First, we started with a simple question: how can we make our content more immersive? In other words: how do we keep our audience attracted to our content after the first impression is gone? And we have the answer: by turning that first impression into a lasting impression. All throughout our Stories and Posts.

You’ll notice that we totally got rid of the old navigation bar and replaced it with a much simpler side navigation button, which expands the navigation drawer. This movement is to not distract the reader with a fancy gray bar at the top of each page from the content they’re viewing, but still have easy access to all their favorite Stories and Posts at a moment’s notice.
To keep an impression created from the first glance of the newest Story, we needed a way to keep that top image you found in our old design throughout the entire Story or page. So we placed it in the back as a backdrop. We also moved all our main content to a single scrollable strip, much like a news strip.
As you scroll through the Stories and pages on the news strip, you still have that reaction you were greeted with by that image at the top of each page. And you’ll notice, that same impression you had when you discovered that new Story, stays with you throughout the whole experience. It’s a big leap, but we think you’ll really love it.

And each page works the same. You get the same experience as in our Stories whether you’re navigating somewhere to find that Story you’ve just gotta read again, if you’re searching through our Posts, or if you’re checking out what’s the latest tweet or post from MBEDDED.

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As we were redesigning our site, we realized our logo just wasn’t cutting it. So we changed it, to a much simpler and sophisticated look. We’re very happy with it, and we hope you are too.

Our goal here at MBEDDED is to make content worth reading and viewing, with an impression that lasts forever. We hope you like the changes made, because we sure as heck do.

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